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Connected Family

Imagine with Orange is about crowdsourcing innovation ideas with consumers from all Orange countries. Every quarter, imagine with orange suggests a topic, and invite consumers to share ideas. Then, ideas go all around the world. Hundreds of people are going to find out about them, comment on them and make them richer. The community elects pertinent and ingenious ideas. Five times a year, Orange invites the people whose ideas were most appreciated to Paris, to take part in a workshop, with its innovation teams, and help you to give them life. Ideas can then join the Orange innovation stream, or give birth to entrepreneurial projects and start-ups. Thus, a local initiative can have a global impact!

Current topic's campaign is 'Connected family'.

Distributed family, disconnected family, recomposed familiy: can digital help us assemble the familial jigsaw?

Can digital facilitate the transmission of our daily thoughts to our beloved one, as well as help us reconnect with family members who have become more distant? Making the far become closer?

Is digital bringing  new ways of interaction across generations? Is it a bridge or a gap with our digital native kids? Is it a new way to be Babycare? 
Below are other facts, figures and questions to intince your reaction, and nurture your creative ideas:
  • 15% of people over 75 years have an Internet connection;
  • 50% of children aged from 7 to 10 years use the Internet without the help of an adult;
  • Social networks allow dynamic communication within the family, according to a study on Facebook about parents and children relationship;
  • Digital is a way to preserve privacy and freedom of the individual in the couple;
  • If privacy is invited to work, the opposite is also true;
  • The social lives of networked teens is complicated.
Imagine digital services addressing these points, and which could improve your live.
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