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Winners of the Connected Sport Campaign

Winners of the Connected Sport Campaign

Below are a few words about Aadhithya (India) and Yehgold (Isarel), who are the  winners who attended the innovation workshop in Paris. You will find their pictures as well, and the pictures of other winners: Orange employees who won an Apple Watch, and the pictures of Frequent Flyer (Israel) and BKreuzer (Germany) winners who received a Salomon product!



  • Here is what Aadhithya remembers frome the innovation coaching in Paris:

Innovation coaching workshop at Paris by Orange helped me to understand more about Orange, Imagine, Fab innovations and Numa. I found this regarding Numa later

Even though the event was for only 1 day, it was well organized and we could cover most of the things related to our winning idea. The questions raised by Nicolas using his innovation model and discussion with co-winner helped me to completely reform my idea into a self sustaining app with an effective business model. I think some of the tools like business model canvas in the innovation guidelines document will be useful for me, for other ideas as well.

As far as next steps are considered I am trying to put together entire working of the app and present it to one of my co-worker who is an IOS and android developer at my company, I have explained to him the basic idea and told him about innovation coaching workshop, so I plan to use his help to build it into an app but since we both are working professional it might take a bit longer as we have to catchup with our office jobs as well.

Also the opportunity allowed me to discover the real Paris and meet some of my friends, make new friends and meet a few people in innovation sector who worked with me some other innovation projects as well.

As far as improvements is considered if Imagine can focus more on implementation of winning ideas by connecting them with the right resources using their influential network and provide them with some initial resources or tools it would be great and people can imagine the platform as a platform where their imagination or ideas become reality.

I am also trying to spread a word about imagine community in India using Givemechallenge if that helps in some way.


The workshop in Paris showed me Orange in a different light, I’ve learned from Nicolas all about the R&D work in Orange, and how Orange help Startups start and get successful.

I got to see Paris for the first time, and I thank Orange for that.

From the workshop, working with another “ideator” and Nicolas I’ve learned the process of taking any idea, not necessary my winning idea to the next level, focus on all details for a successful product.

One of the things that I liked was that Nicolas took us to a building that people come and work on their startups, and how they take their idea and bring it to life – it was very inspiring place and the coffee was great.

For the progress of my idea – I’ve learned about focus groups and business models – things that I wasn’t aware of, when I initially thought about my idea, was very useful.

My next step on my idea is to start with one feature and focus on that, and for the future develop the other features we discussed during the workshop.

For improvement of the workshop, I think there should be a connection with developers group from Orange that will see if they are interested in developing the winning ideas and how to move forward on that matter.

For improvement of the future innovation challenges – the subjects of the challenges should be problems that Orange is facing and need ideas to solve it, this way the winning ideas will be invited to Orange for working with the team who needed a solution, this way the idea will do good for both the person who thought of the idea and Orange.

I thank Nicolas and Orange for this great opportunity and waiting for further cooperation’s.


  •  Winners of Salomon products and of Apple watches







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