Interact with users to give sense to the project

3 questions to Nicolas Bry, an article by Mariella Crouy-Chanel

"Interact with users to give sense to the project"

Following the participation in the challenge "Womanly Digital" on the platform Imagine with Orange for the idea of dataviz on women's careers , I had the chance to attend a coaching session with Nicolas Bry (@nicobry) , Innovation Leader at Orange, Villa Bonne Nouvelle. The Villa Bonne Nouvelle (@Villa_BN) is a coworking space of 350m2 located rue Mazagran in Paris, inaugurated by Orange in 2014.


Villa Good News, a space dedicated to Open Innovation


During this session (the innovation coaching), many aspects were addressed, both on specific components in the development of an innovative approach that regards marketing or business model.

It was difficult to choose from all that was said, but I propose below to share in the form of questions / answers with Nicolas Bry, three axes for me were particularly illuminating: on experience user, the learning curve to be considered depending on the type of innovation, and last but not least, the theme of fun ☺, seen as a differentiator.


In what way basing its approach on the user experience is important?

Interact with users for understanding the problem we seek to solve. Once the problem is identified, it gives meaning to the project because the project seeks to solve a clear problem.

This approach provides a problem for which the innovation seeks to refine a solution, instead of having a solution for which has not yet found the problem ...


What is a radical innovation and the implications of such an approach?

Radical innovation involves accompany the user in the use of new functions (learning curve). When switching from horses to motorized car, you train users to use the car. Currently, for example, we learn to use driverless cars.

It is important to ask the question of the kind of innovation that we bring and wonder if this is a radical innovation, and / or if it is such an innovation experience (cinema), or a belief innovation (cosmetics).


Will the fun be a differentiator?

It is interesting that in the early days of the iPhone, the audience especially enjoyed the tactile aspect for its fun side. Steve Jobs had chosen a specialized service provider on the touch and very advanced on this dimension of fun.

It is a strong differentiator. More and more innovations bring this aspect. Therefore those who do not bring this have a risk of failure.

Furthermore, the fun is part of the service. We find the concept of function in reflections on functionalism, such as Bauhaus where what you design is based on what is necessary.

The modern innovation is the combination of the two: function and pleasure.

Mariella Crouy-Chanel