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في الوقت الحقيقي نظام إدارة المزرعة الذكية على أساس الذكية مجسات والتكنولوجيا تقنيات عمليات

يتوفر المزيد من التفاصيل عن هذه الفكرة أقرأ تفاصيل الفكرة
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TY for sharing this idea, with substantial details!
You should be interested by these startups & ideas:
http://www.weenat.com/, http://www.agrilyst.com/, https://www.climate.com/
http://www.airinov.fr/, http://www.mavrx.co/
http://www.itk.fr/, http://biopic.fr/, Picore http://www.irstea.fr/toutes-les-actualites/departement-ecotechnologies/innovation-connectee-reduction-phytosanitaires


Many thanks for the interesting reading list. I've learned a lot from all the current work that is being done in this interesting field! :-)


Software and data are the key enablers! Have a look at https://www.vitalfields.com/fr, http://gamaya.com/ and http://www.agrivi.com/ in this article http://tech.eu/features/5480/10-european-agritech-startups/


Many thanks for this interesting reading list.
The topics are really fascinating and I really loved to see an Israeli start-up company in the list.


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