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رصد الحيوانات البرية مع استخدام الطائرات بدون طيار والتصوير الحراري لحماية المحاصيل الزراعية والغابات.

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TY for sharing, maybe could sensors be used in complement to drones? One sensor on one animal of the herd of wild animals?
Onec we have the data, how can we process them to change the habits of wild animals?


To change the direction of movement and feeding sites of animals I suggest the use of deterrent systems wild animals. Loud noises and bangs or spraying repellent odors when the animals arrive at the protected areas.
Microchipped all wild animals can be costly and difficult to implement. Animals constantly multiply. But the idea is interesting.


Biopic develops sensors for animals http://www.normandie-incubation.com/entreprises/biopic/


Analysis of image of the drones allows you to estimate the size of the herd and the direction of movement.


Wolves and lynx demolish sheep and goats, foxes grab chickens and geese from breeding farmstead, bears destroy beehives, boars burrow fields and crops, deer and moose eat trees in orchards and forest plantations. Beavers rage in the agricultural, forestry or fisheries. Birds eat the fruit in orchards. Elephants in Africa trampled everything.
I love animals, but we need to reasonably share our planet.
In different countries living species of animals, for which agricultural crops and forest are a big attraction.

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