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MP34EDU ​​يحول رخيصة والمجددة مشغلات MP3 إلى تزويد الهاتف بالطاقة الشمسية التعلم القائم على الصوت ل$ 5 / وحدة.

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You propose to selling used devices, who will be responsible for repairs and guarantee? How to organize this process?

Updating course version will need new device? How manage updating process?


Course content is mp3 files, audio MOOCS so need to update the device with any software. Just putting the files with the required files or replacing the SD Memory card is enough.
I am proposing to recycle and reuse unused MP3 players at the most affordable rate for people who can't afford the same or is not accessible to them. I don't plan it to sell it to regular customers who don't need such a device in developed countries.


Aadhithya_. Thank you for more details.
I was more thinking about giving devices for free.


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