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Ty for sharing this new ide, creative Yehgold! Ir reminds me of this werable device, Botonap: http://imagine.orange.com/fr/le-digital-pour-l-autonomie/idea/show/1645
What do you think? Share your comments on this idea?


Hi, and thank you for your comment,
if i understand correctly that idea - it suppose to sync with a mobile, while my idea is to have a mobile in a shape of a necklace - which far as i know isn't exist in our world.

In order to add contact information it can be done or by accessing via WiFi or have a web account that will sync with the device.

I must admit that i came with this idea only due to this innovation contest.
So Thank you!

In world which we have smart phones, smart watch, why not the a smart necklace?!

Do you agree?


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