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I think that the same concept can be used for all age profiles. The only change is in the analysis and interpretation of the results. Maybe for students, we can focus on what Bagesh already described. If we address older generation then we can interpret the results to better accompany them into the digital, how organize more appropriately trainings for manipulation of different digital tools or, from a different perspective, how to better use our digital media to reach to this public...etc.


TY Bagesh for sharing. Learn to know you, and you will discover what's most appropriate for you, you're right! Career orientation is often complex, so a few insights on your mental aptitude would help. For example, innovation jobs require autonomy abilities, as starting from the blank page is a challenge!
I imagine all these data would remain personal and confidential?
Have you an application for older people (which is the current topic of the challenge)?


Hi, I don't have any idea or application related to older people. Should i keep or remove my idea from challenge as you have mentioned that this is for older people related ideas. Please update my idea title to "Match fitness data with career goals for students". Thanks Bagesh


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