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وتقترح فكرة نوعا من المرآة التي تزيل التجاعيد من الوجه عند عرضها عليها.

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TY nkynora for this relevant idea! Do you have more details about it like the technology that could be use?

here an idea about connected mirror that give you advices and wish you a good day http://imagine.orange.com/en/datavenuechallenge/idea/show/214. That is not about wrinkles but you can maybe find how using the mirror to removes wrinkles. facial recognition? IoT?


TY Nkynora, what is the magic in your mirror to remove wrinkles? Surely it would be very popular.
Have you heard of Magic Genius the online app for makeup?
Related idea: http://imagine.orange.com/en/women-men-equality/idea/show/1073


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