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Speedial60: دعوة / 12 يتكون أرقام الطوارئ سجلت مسبقا للأصابع لكبار السن.

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TY Hengue for your contribution and for sharing this idea which resonates with http://imagine.orange.com/fr/le-digital-pour-l-autonomie/idea/show/1659 and http://imagine.orange.com/fr/le-digital-pour-l-autonomie/idea/show/1645 ideas. What about an NFC system connected with an app that can also save the elderly health informations : the ring would record for example the blood pressure, the temperature.
This Idea can merge with the one you propose about e-health medical records : http://imagine.orange.com/fr/le-digital-pour-l-autonomie/idea/show/1660


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