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WOTA: الحكمة للمسنين - أنها ما زالت قادرة على إضافة قيمة للاقتصاد، وتكملة المالية الشخصية.

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TY for this idea, actually I saw a platform in the UK where older people hold daily conversations with young emigrants, to help them to learn English. Another axe would be for seniors to be involved in MOOC.
But I'm not sure there is immediate payment!


Typically there is no immediate payment when payments are virtual, right. Even Paypal holds the money for sometime, before allowing a withdrawal. I think the bigger point is helping seniors keep themselves busy with tasks of their choosing, and helping them earn some extra money IF they want to.


Look at Grannycloud, a service where grandmothers Skype with Indian children to hep them practice English https://grannycloud.wordpress.com/about/


Thanks, ImagineWithOrange. I incorporated your example.


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