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Joe - this is a really great idea, with an incredibly strong social conscience. I hope Orange take it seriously, and even that you win the competition - you and the potential users of this app, which has so many potential users around the world, deserve it!


This would be something nice. One unintended consequence is that gradually the users will seek more personalization, avatars, extra details, etc etc as in any social digital network. Then, those who do not have a catchy name, or a face to show, will gradually get sidelined by those who do, or feel "lost" inside a large crowd of users again. Those potential issues aside, I love the idea of connecting caregivers. If they could, along with the people they care for, be included in the app, then there is a shot at creating support systems for both. BTW, some of what you described could be tested on the cheap, by creating a private group on Facebook or a similar site. So, give it a try, Joseph, and Good luck!


TY for sharing, you might be interested by this artcile about the Unplugged: https://nbry.wordpress.com/2012/10/04/design-innovation-as-a-service-for-people/
I had the same reaction as Sarkar: what about testing the Community of Vulnerables with a facebook group, that would be your MVP?
A difficulty I anticipate might be that people don't like to be spotted as vulnerable or disabled, do they?


Super Interesting comments guys - absolute pleasure to share.

I've reflected. Connecting caregivers would be a great focus to this idea, I think we're really onto something here. Why?

"Connecting carers" -- Welcome to the connected community.

Real life example ( Why I believe this is a relevant good idea ) :

Once you care for or have a problem despite some great people and schemes out there your disconncted from society. To go to the shop is a massive deal but if you're healthy you don't even question it.

Not to be personal but I think it's a good insight. My brother is 9 years old and home educated. My Mum has struggled to provide full education and manage his health because his health is the priority. He's surpassed his life expectancy but she's come under big pressure to school him. The authorities have legal power and it's very difficult for families to even debate schooling. Emotionally this is straining on her aswell as day to day management of his problems.

Carers come in all forms and all levels of involvement but the worry is similar for all. Once the carer is connected they could invite the person they care for to create a profile and interact with certain groups and games.

News today in the UK. ( Clearly topical )

Your expertise is the technology to put this together. I have first hand experience, the vision and could provide samples and case studies

Is this something you would consider working on?

Look forward to hearing back.



So it becomes a market place between caregivers and careaskers? It looks sharp, can we have an idea of the issue occurred by lonely or disabled people? Are there already some kind of online help in place?
Regarding Orange role, we help you to make your idea become true with an innovation coaching, in case your idea collects the highest number of support or get selected by a jury. Share your ideas, Orange is helping you to give them life!

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