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E1427: لخلق بسهولة في منزل قائم شبكة متعددة الخدمات لمساعدة يحتفظ المنزل

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TY for sharing, this looks like a smooth way to roll-out sensors in your house using the lightning network, is the 1427 device already in experiment?


Related system: http://imagine.orange.com/en/digital-for-autonomy/idea/show/1587


Definitely ! E1427 is an improvement of my previous idea "Follow me light" that I targeted to reduce energy consumption but can also fit autonomy needs


I don't know if such a device exists but companies like Awox could definitely bring it to life. When you read about the Streamlight specifications, you does not seem to be so far away


Another french startups seems to be not so far away : sengled.
Appearently they announced at CES2016 that their bulb will be compatible with voice commands : http://www.cnet.com/products/sengled-voice-control-led/
This information was discovered thanks to Olivier Ezratty CES report that was published today : http://www.oezratty.net/wordpress/2016/rapport-ces-2016/

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