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تهتز النعال مع نظام تحديد المواقع لتوجيه المكفوفين وكبار السن أو أولئك الذين فقدوا ....

يتوفر المزيد من التفاصيل عن هذه الفكرة أقرأ تفاصيل الفكرة
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TY Kady for sharing this idea. A few connected soles are emerging:
http://www.digitsole.com/ for comfort
http://www.gpssmartsole.com/ with Assistive Wearable GPS Technology to find your loved ones
But not yet to guide you along your walk!
A related idea on Imagine: http://imagine.orange.com/en/smart-city/idea/show/738


http://lechal.com/ - The Lechal system lets the wearer know which direction to turn while walking, and when.


It seems Lechal system does the job.You still have to imagine the way to enter the destination into the app for blind people, do you?


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