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LINK-الفاحص: المتصفح إضافة على أن تحارب محاولات التصيد الاحتيالي عن طريق فحص عنوان / الروابط في رسائل البريد الإلكتروني،

يتوفر المزيد من التفاصيل عن هذه الفكرة أقرأ تفاصيل الفكرة
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Ty for sharing this idea, surely an effective add-on! Mozilla has an phisihing protection, but it might be unsufficient?




I think that one company producing LINK-examiner will be a better alternative to different browser makers (e.g. Mozilla) & antivirus companies making fragmented products that cannot talk to each other, with each having a different UI (and its own learning curve). For e.g. Pierre does email and browsing at work, home and during commute - on 3-4 devices, different operating systems and browsers. If we provide Pierre with the same LINK-examiner experience every time, he'll be well-prepared and alert, and thus better-protected.


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