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وآمنة وعالمية ومتوافقة مع جهاز بلوتوث يدوي لتأمين مكالمات المحمول عبر GSM وليس فقط. M4Security

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TY for sharing, at a period where fear for people listening to our calls is the highets, a simple tech would be nice. Isn't there system on the market for this? including for messaging? https://www.netsfere.com/Product/ http://recode.net/2015/12/21/is-your-messaging-app-encrypted/
How do you deal with usage for terrorists conversations?


Encrypted calls:


The price is something we did not decide upon yet, but we will target key management people (critical for their businesses). We will sell bundles of pre-configured devices and we estimate something between 150 and 200 euros each headset.
(In the future we intend to minimize the production costs. if we succeed we could lower the price even more).

The device is not something you would like to hold in your hand at the moment (not even to see), but our designer is working hard for a 3D model of the case and we will post it as soon as we agree on something. For now is just a chip.


Yes, we intend to do this in the not-so-distant future, trough a mobile app. This will later help with key management (and pairing with new contacts) and software upgrades. However, we are aware that this might open new paths for possible exploits (as our main goal is to keep the interaction with the device as low as possible).


Yes, it might me. We are considering this option for later.
We want to build a mobile app for both key management and software update (also maybe for public keys storage associated with the known contacts), but not just yet. We also believe that this might allow other vulnerabilities (with access to the voice stream from inside the phone) which we would have not had previously.

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