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استخدام البيانات من شبكات مشغلي شبكات الهاتف النقال "إلى حجم الشبكات الكهربائية في أفريقيا

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TY for this idea, here's the link to the D4D challenge idea: http://d4d.orange.com/content/download/43330/405662/version/3/file/D4Dchallenge_leaflet_A4_V2Eweblite.pdf Using mobile phone data for electrifi cation planning
Could mobile data also help to determine better the need for electricity on transportation paths according to traffic?
Can it help to promote local energy production (solar panels) in specific areas, instead of extending the electrical distribution network?


Related idea: http://imagine.orange.com/en/cop-21/idea/show/1535 and comment:
Orange has also explored for a while with Fenix the opportunity of a solar charger: http://www.fenixintl.com/product/readyset-solar-kit/


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