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محور الغذاء - الزراعة المائية لإنتاج الغذائي المحلي والتطبيق للمستهلكين لأصبح باعة المواد الغذائية

يتوفر المزيد من التفاصيل عن هذه الفكرة أقرأ تفاصيل الفكرة
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Very nice, I did not know hydroponic, shame on me!
Could digital help in hydroponic culture?
'Ownfood' might interest you: http://www.poc21.cc/myfood/
And also 'Kitchen B': http://www.poc21.cc/kitchen-b/


Yes, it can. I was in a team at a hackathon in Milan for the Expo. The hackathon was based on the future of food.

My team, in conjunction with a supplier of hydroponics solutions, produced a business model for Dubai to retrofit containers with hydroponics and produce an app that creates a marketplace for the buying and selling of excess produce. Ba

Hydroponics are much larger than Ownfood and Kitchen B.

To give you an idea here is our Prezi doc for it - https://prezi.com/qyrohiyblq7d/edit/?auth_key=rdl18i8&follow=vzvmaz8d17be#_=_


Sorry this is the link - http://prezi.com/qyrohiyblq7d/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy


Sorry I meant to say hydroponics are much larger than the solution provided by Ownfood and Kitchen B.

Our first in market plan was to install hydroponics in schools to reduce carbon emissions in transportation of food, increase awareness of good governance and tackle obesity in one go.


In order to spread the concept among general customers, we can create a kit allowing to practice hydroponics at home

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