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أداة recomandation بسيطة للدعوة واقتراح النساء كما لجنة التحكيم / الموجهين خلال أحداث بدء التشغيل ذات الصلة

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Bravo monsieur d'avoir suggéré cette idée. Venant d'un homme en plus, je trouve que c'est très en phase avec la promotion de la diversité par les femmes et les hommes alors merci !!!


I think that's a very creative and powerful idea, and not too complicated to implement: how would you start? maybe by opening a kind of Linkedin for women who are willing / and have an experience in mentoring and being parts of a jury?


Thanks for the comment,
I believe the app can tap into Linkedin's power, combine it with location and maybe use the connection between the already invited mentors or attende's with the women who can help or have a great work relation with them.

A secondary solution, can be to invite everyone who wants to become a mentor at such events,
- state their motives,
- their pluses and minuses
- their timeslots/availability


I definitely notice a lack of women as participants, mentors and judges at hackathons, events and conferences in tech.


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