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لغة الترجمة التي تستخدمها النساء في لغة يفهمها الرجال. والعكس بالعكس.

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lang-ar | البولندية

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Great idea! Many translation tools are on going, but they address languages not men-women communication.
What about developing a connected object to materialize and dispaly the translation?
One idea mentions this (http://imagine.orange.com/fr/datavenue/idea/show/291), but I imagine a funny object with a sense of humor?


I think that the technology soon will allow the generation of sound imitates the partner voice with his timbre.
But what about the cat ? ;)


Hey ! This solution would be a miracle... The point is that every single human is pretty different, and according its culture or its age, communication codes are so different.. We can't imagine a kind of "universal lexical", even if it would obviously facilitate our relationships ! But I hope you'll invent it one day :D Great idea !


Hey Alexia, thank you for your comment.
Today, there are personalized websites, content advertising and other content to each user. Should we also personalize the translation? I think also we should.


What about a test which helps ID the communication tendencies? If we score low, we NEED this product.

ex. On one end of the scale = Direct. To the point.
On the other = Roundabout way of getting the message across.

Part of the communication challenge is building self-awareness. If we think we are being clear, it does not occur to us that other people wonder, "what's her point?"

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