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خدمة تجمع السيارات التي تديرها النساء لأنفسهم على أساس موقعها، احتياجات ومصالح والحالة الشخصية.

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OK, mais l'idéal serait de faire en sorte, AVANT TOUT, que chaque femme se sente en sécurité n'importe où et n'ait pas à craindre pour leur sécurité.


Thanks Aamir for this creative idea, I've seen that in India they've selected women for carpooling services, but I didn't see the carsharing service targeting women only! Do you think you would have enough demand to do the match between women of same interests and same destination?


Welcome. This would have good demand in some countries in the Middle East where there is a significant foreign population with women who don't have cars. Also this service would be good in places where it is the women mainly who does the household and grocery shopping and would like to socialize with other women at the same time. As Helene_Ferron mentioned the most important ideal would be to ensure safety of women.


I understand better the context, i's clear that in countries where women don't own cars, it would be particularly useful


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