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والهدف من ذلك هو المساواة بين الجنسين في جميع أنحاء العالم، مع المجتمع للأبحاث وحقائق واحصائيات + مجتمع لمبادرات!

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Great thinking and reasoning !
You really identified all the work in our way to a global gender equality, and your solution to reach it.

Don't hesitate to share this amazing idea with your network !


Thank you for the kind words!
This is, as my teacher stated: "not ambitious at all" with a great ironic voice. haha, but yeah - We get one big muscle behind it - it is indeed possible to do as well.


Tell me more about what your platform would look like !
The following ones may seem outdated but have the merit of existing ...


Let`s say we get the big muscles needed to get this going.

This should be a non-profit and intellectual site where we really try to dig into the underlying problem rather than rage upon people who do not stand on our side in gender equality. We have men, but also women who stand against equality.

This page will be highly controlled, but also a low-key opening for getting people heard. a couple of different parts from the other pages will have to be design and more clean information.

But the biggest will have to be the way information get displayed. It need not be a typically "for women" front every time something get`s posted. Maybe get in facts about different biology in men and women, and how that effects leadership or human behavior. Also, it will be more neutral which means it`s about finding actual facts, real research and finding truths about this theme.

Because if we truly believe in gender equality we should not be afraid of opposing views.

The site structure will be the following:

Videos - Research videos, campaign videos and documentaries (Everything need to be watchable and highly qualitative.

Movements - Movements that holds the necessary requirements such as gender equality for both men and women in countries where it`s more two sided, and womenly movements in countries where their rights are stripped away - and so forth. There will also be #-tags and social media, but also "gathering money from givers-movements". For this to work we need, as I stated earlier, a lot of muscles and good organisations that want to join this fight.

Stories - Both from profiled names, but also from unknown people in both developed and undeveloped countries. I want to shed light on problems regular people face all over the country, but also profiled names to gain support and users of the site, which is vital. It`s fairly important that we keep names that try to front themselves, and that thy Meghan Markle and Emma Watson is the two examples i mentioned. They do indeed fight the fight from an unselfish reason.

Articles - Facts, stats and research to shed light on the benefits of gender equality. If there is some bad sides of gender equality, we welcome them as well - because as I said, the truth is the truth and we will have all the cards on the table.

Now, this is simple, yet powerful tools to get it out. Together we can actually make a site where the truth is the focus and the goal is gender equality world wide.


Great purpose! Is it fair to speak of 'gender equality', or rather to use 'gender equity'?
How will you drive audience and contributions to your platform, how to make it about sharing experience and collaborations?
I imagine simple solutions can be shared to make the day to day life more euitable, that don't have to wait for slow political decision processes: could your platform shape this communal movement?

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