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Imagine with Orange is a platform for sharing ideas and innovations, and a springboard for entrepreneurs. Each quarter Imagine suggests a topic: connected family, smart city, mobile money ... Expose your ideas into a few words on the platform .. Your ideas then go around the world. Hundreds of people will comment, enrich and vote! Orange invites the holders of the most popular ideas in Paris to dig the potential of their idea in an innovation workshop.

The theme of the current campaign is 'Womanly digital'.

If in the technical fields or IT, and decision-making positions, women are still scarce, things are MOVING: the mix of professions, mixed power, widespread access of girls to education in all fields and all parts of the world, digital industry, all areas where the added value of women is necessary.

Because the world is changing! Because women are creating values ​​(also mixed team) and can innovate for women! Let's accelerate with Digital!

Do you think digital technology, big data, mobile applications, web sites, social networks, connected objects can facilitate issues of daily life, encourage diversity and gender balance in the pro/private-life, and change women's lives permanently in the world?

  • What connected objects or mobile apps would be best to simplify the lives of women?
  • What connected objects or mobile apps would encourage the entry of women in technical professions?
  • What kind of applications would ease access to essential services such as education or health for girls?
  • What mobile applications to improve the city safety?
  • How would you apply big data to measure and promote gender equality?
  • How to facilitate mobile working and autonomy?
  • How motherhood can be no longer experienced as a barrier to career?

Imagine With Orange and collective WHAT- Women Hackers Action Tank invite you to share your ideas from 1 September to 6 October 2015, and also to review and enrich those of other contributors: the community is shaping innovation!

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Share your ideas before October 6st, 2015 to earn :

  • your participation in the hackathon in Paris Bonne Nouvelle (or from another national or international city) on October 12-13, where a dedicated team will work on the potential of your idea;
  • or to win a connected object!