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Hello Tyby !

VR is a great challenge for technology.

The goal here is to change your daily routine by seeing other routes than yours ? Or is it only for tourism ?

Will you be able to rent a VR set on the train ?


Hello Orange the third,

As you can see people on flights will be able in short time to rent out - VR gear sets :
I believe, in a not so distant future will be able to do it in trains or coaches as well.
http://rt.com/business/moscow-paris-railroad-763/ - and one of the main destinatars can be the second largest train route in Europe.

The goal here is to give people the chance to admire as much as possible from the world's beauty, while on the daily repetitive routine or while travelling from point A to point B. And in the process decide where the next family vacation can take them.

In Tourism section - If a person says he/she visited a country, in more than 50% of the situations they visited only one city. We want to show them the rest of the countrie's beauties and at the end of the trip- they will be able to move to the next country.

If, implemented in bus networks inside the city, it can help the person change the routine for going to work, back home and maybe find a store didn't know about it.

As i was, sometime ago, discussing with a friend of mine, this project can help companies, factories, shops on the route become visibile,
It can help different historical buildings, in need of repairs, create a donation project and atract donnors from the entire world.


An update to the idea :

The routes can be:
- seen live, through the camera's mounted on the train
- prerecorded and uploaded to the train cloud or internal server.

Why not try the extra-solution, see own route from a drone's point of view, from up in the sky.

The same, can be applied to travelling by car or bus.
In case, people do not want to get lost on the route to their destination.


Hi, I guess it will be a 'must have' app in self-driving cars?
I did not understand when you sayy follow routes if it is in VR or in real life?


Hey, this idea is amazing ! Google actually do that for some monuments/places like Burj Khalifa https://generationvoyage.fr/visite-virtuelle-burj-khalifa-street-view/ but doing this with a whole city would be totally new and so useful for travelers (before traveling).


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