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Smart Energy

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Imagine community is also thining about smart grids :


You will have to declare when you're at home or not, right ? Any others options/usecase?


I guess it is hard to say if it is similar to those ideas, because there is not much information on them.
Customer could pre-select price ranges to buy and sell to the grid, and rough times for sales/purchases, for optimum returns. I think if this was done collectively with their neighbours they could have more bargaining power with the grid operators.
Information on when they enter or exit the home, are awake or asleep could be determined using iBeacons, their mobile phone and/or wearables connected to their mobile phones.
There will be other use cases. I just need to get my thinking cap on.
May be for the collective food delivery idea I have. I often order food online through a supermarket, I could co-ordinate with my neighbours so we get all our food delivered at once at the price point we want.
The same for ordering services like getting mail deliveries, cleaning, gardening and so on.


How would be informed of the relevant price range? i assume smart grid would take care of this?


Could be combined with


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