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Protecting the IT critical services through proactive data foot-printing technology

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Coda seems a great tech, but what is the relationship with Smart city?


Thank you for your question and for your interest in CODA Footprint!

Although it is rather difficult to point out, we believe that there is a good connection between the Smart City and our product.

Today, technology expands with the growth in demand for online services, making this market even more appealing for cyber-criminals. As a basis for every human community, security is a mandatory requirement for the proper development of online business. Security must be incorporated in the platform and be a part of the underlying infrastructure connecting the people in smart cities, as trust is an essential criteria for human interaction. For the businesses this means a higher need to protect their critical applications, while for the end users it means an increasing concern regarding their online personal identity and its confidentiality.

Especially as citizens of increasingly smarter cities, our daily lives already became governed by the need to use online applications and services. Whether we want to shop online, to pay our taxes online or simply to pay the parking using an IOS app, we are highly dependent on the IT infrastructure of the app or service that we use. However, each of these services may become a single point of failure for our personal data confidentiality, in the event of a cyber-crime. On the other side, the service provider is continuously concerned about the security of its technological infrastructure. A higher level of security is translated to the end user into a more secure and reliable product. Therefore, this trifold dependency on data security, data confidentiality and data availability is equally important for both the business owners and for the end users, although they are trying to protect their different interests.

As a smart security solution, we are building our product for the B2B segment at this stage, with a broad coverage in mind, and what we are hoping to achieve is to reduce the risk exposure for the critical services and applications of the businesses. Since our customers serve the citizens, the benefits of our technology are transferable and protect the final customers, therefore letting them enjoy all the advantages of the Smart City in a safe and trusted environment. As a consequence, they will be able to use better, more reliable and trusted services and more importantly, to use these services more frequently.


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