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Newzeum is a smartphone app that enhances the museum experience and gathers all information about exhibits in one place.

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Hello Newzeum !

Very iontersting project, that is capital for museums if they want to attract young people and children.
What are the features of your app exactly ? In-door navigation ? Catalogue of exhibits available ?


Hi !

Thanks for the feedback, we are glad you liked it !

We are planning to take it one stept at a time and continuously improve it. First of all it will be a catalog of museums and galleries, containing the exhibition general description as well as main exhibits description (text & audio). The navigation will be possible using either exhibit codes or beacons.
Besides this, the app will offer notifications of new exhibitions and their locations.
We also plan on implementing an achievement system, which will stimulate user interaction and visiting. To be more specific, users will be able to unlock badges based on their visiting museums and specific items, much like a treasure hunt :)

We also plan to stay flexible and figure the best way to solve the visitor problems as we start implementing this solution.


to online ticketing: one straightforward pathway is the ap to book and buy the ticket would be nice! Having the ticket on the smartphone is a great advantage for tourists who don't have always a printer with them :)


Sometimes you just realize there is an app when you arrive to the museum, and there it may be uneasy to download


yes, we've thought about that. We plan on a partnership with a local Telecom company to provide hotspots at the entrance in the museums.

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