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SmartStore - making people's life easier by providing an interactive and better shopping experience in (offline) stores.

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You mught be interestd by Tapway which "deliver insightful actionable data to help retailers improve their business performance by understanding key factors that influence sales"


Thank you for the suggestion! :)


To preapre your shopping list, you might consider as well a bar code scanner like Amazon Dash, or using your smartphone with a scanner app, or Hiku device:


We thaught about this. One solution is to use ESLs with NFC, so you can get the product in your list just by touching the price tag. Another solution is the one you said, using a barcode scanner app


There is something unclear to me: as your app rely on Electronic shelf label http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_shelf_label, you have to be in the shop to read the ESL with NFC. When I mention shopping list, I was thinking of preparing it from home, you can't use ESL for this, can you?
Besides, I assume there will be mismatches as the ESl is not tied to the product, sometimes you can read an ESL for another product.

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