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FeeParking is a simple, elegant solution that helps you stop wasting time when you enter, pay and exit paid parking lots

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I'm not sure the main issue about parking is payment, paying with credit card is relatively common, and no big deal.
Now it's being tested as well to pay street parking with your smart phone with paybyphone:
There are many ideas about parking location and availability, the perfect app would help to locate free parking spaces, and facilitate payment


You can experience your proposal in France in Vinci parking lot if you have a Telepeage device.
You enter et get out the parking without opening your window or get a ticket or pay bty card.
The parking price is automatically billed on your account


The idea is to create a community where the driver benefits from not having to put effort into paying the parking fee, the malls get better analytics and shops from being able to push the latest personalized offers directly into their custommers' phones as they enter the parking lot.


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