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Taxi sharing
Through sharing the same taxi unknown persons can save money.

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After Uber, here comes TaxiSharing :)

How do you manage to book a taxi ? Through a mobile app ? Or at special spot ?


This app will not be used only to meet the strangers , who wants to share the taxi for a particular spot. Suppose I wanted to go from Gurgaon -> Noida on weekend through a taxi , so i will book a taxi online. And i will search a companion who also wanted to go to Noida at the same day. So i will talk to him to share the taxi. If both agreed then we can share the money.
Finally it will save the money.


It looks like Uberpool, carpooling option for Uber service, no? http://blog.uber.com/uberpool
What would be the gain for the taxi?
You can also book a bus instead of a taxi in this idea: http://imagine.orange.com/en/smart-city/idea/show/675


This application will not be associated to any Taxi service. It will be used only to meet the persons who want to go to the same place , after that they can hire any taxi.
Once this app will be famous , then Taxi companies can contact us to book the taxi from their company.


Hey, It looks like a great idea, I face this problem in my daily life. It will reduce the fuel consumption as well as money for the customers.


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