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Traffic control system and evacuation for mass events with small GSM base stations

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Very pratical in stadiums, as you suggested... But not only : expositions, fair, applications are numerous !

Femtocell are not the only solution : beacons could also be used.


Yes, indeed.

Beacons may be used, but they requires really a lot from the user (f. ex. be a bit technical person, have an application installed, bluetooth module turned on, etc.).

I want a solution that everybody can use, despite the mobile phone is using or having a BLE or not. With femtocells you can run a service for everyone, even with disabilities.


Leave the stadium the way you came assumes that the system has tracked your way in...
Nevertheless, there is defintely something to dig in by using smartphone notifications to facilitate your way out, and monitor the flows


Yes. Tracking may appear crucial in case of stadium. If the way how you got in is the best way out, then it is much more intuitive to ask someone to get out the same way he got in than asking to get out with f.ex. southern exit B. :)


Here's an example of what is done to streamline the traffic flow; unfortunately endeavour seems on suggesting routes for individual cars rather than encouraging public transportation; we see the use of social media, email and notifications to inform fans
stadium traffic flow

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