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WiFi Hot Spot street lamps.

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Great reuse of the street lights for the Internet!
Because it's leveraging street lamps, shouldn't we use LiFi technology?


Li-Fi is fascinating technology that can be used eg. to provide internet access for cars.
This solution would also reduce electromagnetic smog in cities…


Very interesting idea, as you say it would be very easy to deploy !

The PLC technology is a good way to achieve it! So every street lamp will be connected to each other, making wifi available even when moving ?

Ericsson and Philips are already on their way, but the solution is not the same : http://www.dutchdailynews.com/philips-to-brighten-cities-through-smart-wi-fi-street-lighting/


Although consumer solutions do not offer wifi short switching times, but for cyclists will be sufficient :-)
In my opinion Philips and Ericsson rather will offer a solution based on UMTS or LTE pico-cells, as a "container" for the services of different operators.


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