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Embedding light/infrared beacon into street LED signal realizes autonomous driving in smart city

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I understand it's a new technology, an evolution of radio Beacon into light Beacon. Have you examples of deployment in the city?
Regarding self-driving car, it makes me think of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kawkt1uN-mg


Hi, thank you for the comment.

One existing example is Casio Picalico, which has been deployed for some use case in the city. http://www.casio-isc.com/en/
But it is not yet designed for car. That is a challenge.

Some companies have invested to highly intelligent self-driving car development.
This proposal is more lighter way with computer friendly method to support not only car navigation but also information delivery in the city, for example, shop guides on the road. And it is also applicable to pedestrians.


Yes, this technology could be used as a foundation layer to develop the following services shared in these ideas: http://imagine.orange.com/fr/smart-city-1/idea/show/575 http://imagine.orange.com/fr/smart-city-1/idea/show/602 http://imagine.orange.com/fr/smart-city-1/idea/show/617
is it?


Yes, you are right. The technology is suitable to realize those ideas.

Nowadays the other companies have invested to visible light communication technology as the followings.

Fujitsu Laboratories Successfully Develops LED Lighting Technology that Shines Data on Objects

Panasonic Showcases Visible Light ID Technology, Which Only Requires an App Installed Smartphone at CES2015


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