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Let's take avantage of the technology!!
Smart city = smart commuting, smart parking, smart eating.

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http://signup.apila.fr/ and zenpark.com/ are working on the parking issue.
These ideas as well: http://imagine.orange.com/en/datavenuechallenge/idea/show/207 and http://imagine.orange.com/en/datavenuechallenge/idea/show/416
Another idea is related to selecting the best way to go from one point to another: http://imagine.orange.com/en/smart-city/idea/show/578
But I did not the one app that does also include restaurants, theaters movie tickets, all the info you need from the city, a super Yelp-Waze-Google Maps !


Regarding smart commuting, check this idea of combining measurement system and open data with crowd data is also in use at Mooveit for public transportation :
Moove It


An all-in-one application : I say yes !

But who should be at the edge of this concept : cities themselves, gathering transport, touristic and parking informations/data ? Or private companies in charge of payment or tourism ?


In my opinion, the cities should be responsable with this kind of an action, but of course, in cooperation with the institutes and the companies involved.


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