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Smart Agriculture: automat irrigation by collecting the data from the field, weather department, and the Farmer's phone.

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Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy (especially the rural India which constitutes around 70% of the total population)...Almost 65-75% of the population is directly and indirectly associated with the agriculture and allied sectors like forestry and fisheries accounting around 13.7% of the GDP (2013 figures). It is very important to innovate and implement more and more technologies and automation to these sectors.


I've seen smart agriculture start-ups apps emerging in Africa, with frugale innovation, no high tech involved. How would adapt your system for urban agriculture?


hello Thanks for your question. In my opinion, Agriculture can not be assumed to be in cities. So far what I could find on the internet was that the CPU (connected to various Probes into the field) was only regulating the water pump. Whereas, I am suggesting that the CPU should connect to Weather department and see the rain forecast. In case the rain is expected the CPU does nothing, but other wise it starts the water pump. Also after the harvest, Probes measure the fertility of the soil, and suggest the quantity of the required minerals and suggest the next crop as well.
This particular system can be implemented not only in Africa, but in whole of AMEA and APAC. India alone is dependent on agriculture with its 60-70% population dependent on Agriculture.


Hello Sandeep ,

This is really very good idea if this can be well implemented specially APAC region and in countries like Africa. And can be easily implemented thhrough mobile services.


Smart irrigation is always a future technology which farmers must be waiting for long if these kinds of probe can be changed into reality from paper idea it can change future of countries like india who are 70% dependent on Agriculture


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