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سيارة ذكية متصلة شبكيا مع الهواتف المحمولة للمشاة عبور الشارع.

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Hi, TY for ths idea. We see the problem! Regarding the solution, should it be smart cars to alert distracted pedestrians, or smart signaling panels notifying pedestrians? http://imagine.orange.com/en/datavenuechallenge/idea/show/299


I believe the better solution, is represented by cars alerting distracted pedestrians, the smart signaling panels may not be really taken serious.
If the pedestrian is to be found in the area of a traffic light, the light might alert the pedestrians when is about to be a green light, thus making them aware of the moment the cars are about to start moving.


Not only music listners crossing the streets are at risk. Think of kids, deaf people and the elderly ones. More electric cars in the streets means even less opportunity to be warned of their coming. What would you suggest beyond simply warning smarphone addicts and music listners ?


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