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Swear Jar Map - Because ...... it becomes a habit

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Nice and clever idea ! Digital might help us in the war on swear..

One problem is remaining : how do you insure that people will not report swear even when there are no profanity said ? I could empty the bank account of one of my friend very easily !



Unfortunately, in my opinion, people cannot win the war on swearing, because there are moments in the day, traffic, life - which will make us go back to swearing.
But it can help us save money for a future project, shopping spree, moment in life or charity.

1. It all depends on how strong the friendship is.
2. The swearer - approves the request , with another push of a button the green button.

Or, if we are to make a retake on Matrix the red button and Blue Button


We could implement a troll corner in the online magazines, forums which counts the number of swearing words and gives the magazine a chance to support a city project - to make up for the words, used by their readers.
The troll corner does not just keeps a hold of the words number, it might be possible to find a word to complete the sentence and replace the word.


A project started by measurecamp

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