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Spontaneous & Micro betting Via Mobile Money

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Thanks yehgold for all your inputs during this campaign :)

It would be nice to focus more on micro bet I think : thus, the bet becomes more a friendly game than a competition, and you can detect money laundering (which is a big problem for betting platform) easily.

How does such a platform earn money ?
If I understand well, it is an app with an API for Mobile Money transfer, right ?


Thank you for this great opportunity,
I hope to win with at least some of them :)

First this app gain money as any app from commercials and downloads,
The money can come from signing in to the betting option and pay for it one time only.
Or by charge 5% from the wining total - the percent rate will change according to the platform purpose , whether it for people to join Orange and get a free use of the platform, or to gain money as any betting site from site/app fees.

Second, the all money process is based on the "API for Mobile Money transfer".


Do you know http://youbetme.com/ ?


Thanks for the interesting link, i am not familiar with this service.
Combining it with API for Mobile Money transfer will make it even better!


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