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Remote Auction Via Mobile Money

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Mobile money in a new domain!
Thre are auction software http://www.capterra.com/auction-software/ and auction app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/live-auctions/id321243082?mt=8 and http://www.christies.com/on-the-go/index.aspx
Maybe the idea again is to provide a Mobile Money API that all of them could connect to, to enable mobile money payment for their users?


Yes - for users who correctly using an auction app - they can use the API version, like you said.
And for users who don't use any of the current apps - a dedicated app using all the details i had wrote above - can be created allowing the users to participate in their favorite auctions and pay with Mobile Money.

But like you said the API can interact with the apps you shared.
And i totally agree with you that it is a new domain!


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