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Mobile Money "Whatsapp"-Like App - Group Arranged Payment Coordination

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I belive it meets with Coolborative Wallet idea, with the additional item of Instant Group contribution whuch is great!
Have a look as weel at leetchi.com and https://www.lepotcommun.fr


Many thanks for the links and references. I guess that combining these already established infrastructures with my idea shall make it faster for implementation and for market acceptance.


Money Pooling is already a major theme in start-up landscape?
Maybe you do know leetchi.com, which offers this service ?

But it would be nice to have it mixed with a messaging app !
More info here : http://www.forbes.com/sites/parmyolson/2015/03/18/facebook-money-transfer-wechat/


Many thanks for the information!

Seeing the reference you attached and googling more about the subject, made me realized that this is indeed a very hot topic - which is probably what makes it a must for the mobile money providers to join this market and enjoy it.


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