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Location/Account-Action Based Survey Filling - Get Paid Directly to your Mobile Money Account

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Do you http://www.quicktapsurvey.com/lg/en/ ?

Surveys filling is a great way to be productive on your spare time. Or in transports !

Unfortunetaly, such concepts are often based on vague rewards : promotion, gifts... Having mobile money linked to it is a lot more motivating !


Many thanks for the link.
As surveys filling is already a source of income for the online/offline surveys providers, sharing the profit with the survey fillers may be on their interest as well as it increase the level of support and cooperation from their audience.


Do you this crowsourcing service to collect info about produycts in store? https://www.netexplo.org/laureat/clic-and-walk
I like the idea of matching the survey with the location/profile of the user to better martch his context


Thanks for the link - but it does not work for me. Can you resend it?



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