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The Reverse Bid - "I'm willing to pay and I'm here, who will bring this product to me?"

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Dynamic pricing is exciting.
RexandShrek mentioned it in his Top Here idea:
I like the idea of a kind of Craig List that a merchant can offer to fulfill


I see the similar parts of our ideas, I guess combining them together will be better! :-)


Hello FrequentFlyer !

An app to give power back to consumers :)
This reversed-ebay is very interesting ! This concept already exists for free-lance workers, in graphic design, construction...

Here is an example : https://www.elance.com


Many thanks for the great support and for your additional suggestions to improve it.
I must admit that my original though was to keep it simple, using a one product/service based mechanism which allows the customer to make a wish and wait for proposal. However, your suggestion makes a great sense and allow the customer to "configure and forget" after he finish typing in his shopping list. As you described, the mechanism of allowing the app to manage the shopping list communications with the potential sellers, shall provide a better user experience with higher scale in terms of services being offered in parallel.


I really like this idea. I experienced something similar recently for a moving service. I provided detail of service I wanted and got more than 20 responses. I was able to choose the service provider according to my own criteria, purchased the service that was executed in a very satisfying way. The description of the product/service must be structured and categorized so that appropriate providers can respond in an efficient way.

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