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Prepayment Energy Meters Payment Using Mobile Money Account

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I am not familiar with prepayment systems, but why not use mobile money for it ?

It is clearly relevant in Africa, where mobile money is already quite used : http://www.theguardian.com/global-development-professionals-network/2014/aug/18/mobile-payment-utilitlies-east-africa


Prepaid meters are very common on east asia, I personally dealt with communication networks for these kind of meters in India and in the Philippines. These meters use 2-ways communication to the energy company servers (via smart-grid infrastructure) in order to control the energy supply to each customer separately.

Mobile money along with either near field communication or internet communication seems to be the most convenient payment method for that purpose.


This type of meters can be seen in UK, where people have to top up the energy cards.


Thanks for the reference, here is a link regarding how prepayment meters work in the UK:


Absolutely, let's make mobile money usable for prepayment as it is for bills!

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