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This idea is very good for as an education supporter for two causes:
1. Educate students to use smart wallet starting from their first steps in the "grownups world"
2. Encourage students education in general by providing them a great start.


Slikc idea! We could dedicate the digital wallet to apps developed by start-ups that have been acelerated in the network of Orange Fabs? http://orangefab.com/


It is super nice, because this idea helps people to discover the pros of mobile payments (and allow them to test it) and the unknown power of their smartphones : a number of users can feel limited because they can't use their smartphone at its maximum potential.

We could imagine the same kind of action for mobile money : discover this service thanks to 5 or 10€ preloaded ! There is no better way to convince customers than to have them test your product :)


As long as one member of the accelerated startups is still in University or they can be of real help for students, i do not see why not.
When we google up - apps for students - we get About 226,000,000 results (0.35 seconds) . This are the surface ones. If we enter into search for apps for specific courses and university subjects we may get other billions of results. (of course repetitive ones).


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