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The Motivator

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See this idea by Lexi, it is close to yours !

I find it really nice, but the app would have to be used wisely : I don't want my kid to ask me 10€ to tidy his room..

But it will be of great help for procrastinators or demotivated students. It also give more control to parents over the pocket money.

What are the websites you are thinking about ? Amazon ? Apple Store ?
What about stores ? Supermarkets/H&M/McDonald's in addition to starbucks ?


The parents could set the amount for the kids - maybe 2 or 3 euros. Whatever they decide. :-)

I am thinking a tie-in with local places for small items, e.g. Starbucks for a coffee, Tesco's supermarket for a snack and maybe Apple iTunes for a song download.


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