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Shopping memories through Orange money - SMS based

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This is a really great idea which is very practical. As souvenirs purchase usually require the usage of cash (and especially small change), being able to purchase it using Mobile money account is a great service.


Hello FrequentFlyer,

Thanks for your input !
The donation route idea (http://imagine.orange.com/en/mobile-money/idea/show/952) have the same user experience, but for different purpose.
It could be nice to have it, but won't be easy to deploy due to logistics


Hi Orange 3, talking about logistics. Every train station has some kind of shops on the platform. The products can be deposited in a storageroom on the premises and along the international routes developed a series of shops.
This being developed, the application or sms service corelated to the realtime quantity found in the area for a flawless shopping experience.


I imagine the interactive SMS service (or USSD servic?), and the idea of getting the present at the next station is amazing. What is the role of Mobile Money in the process?


Well, using Mobile Money, i can order and pay for the gift without any hassle. Taking in consideration that, a train can stop in the train station sometime for 1 minute and other times for 5 up to more than 30 minutes, the passenger would not be able to pay for the product using the credit card or with cash.


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