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Orange launches Datavenue challenge on connected objects and data

What use will make of all the data collected from our writs, refrigerators or balances, or on our pets?

What new services and connected objects can we create to transform our daily lives? What data would turn these services  more accurate? Can we cross these data with others? With what limits? Do more data mean more sense?

To answer these questions and many others, Orange launches Datavenue challenge on "connected objects and data" in partnership with Aleph1, Malakoff Mederic, Mars Petcare, Netatmo, Schneider Electric, Seb, Société Générale, Suez Environnement.

This challenge is an opportunity to imagine future connected world, and closely involve future users: you.

We invite you to share your personal ideas around five themes:

  • Good to be home, cooking, sociability 

How to make it more user-friendly and easy going home? 
How to manage best home equipment? How to re-enchant the kitchen? 
Supply, recreation, health, support, imagine new services for everyone in the house. And for our domestic companions, dogs, cats, etc?

  • Wellness and health at work 

How to make the workplace more secure and a friendly living space? 
Can I work and practice fitness at the same place?

  • The city, transport, energy 

How to make our cities a place where you can breathe, where movement is fluid and environmentally friendly? What information to facilitate my journey and my urban life in the city?

  • shopping 

How to find the products and services that interest me more easily? 
How to help me not to miss discounts, buy 'sustainable' and recyclable? And if I want to let myself be surprised? 
How to extend my internet shopping in the stores of the city?

  • And me, and me and me ('Quantified Self') 

I measure my athletic performance, my diet, my health, my steps, my quality of life: how to use these data to feel good and make me?

Whether you're a student, have launched your startup or you work in a company, or you are a consumer or passionate about it, we invite you to share your ideas, comment and vote for the ones of other users when to a first phase, which extends until November 10 2014 Each week, the best contributors will be offered a MyPlug 2 housing.

Following the call for ideas, holders of the best suggestions will receive le Bloc, the audio and video projector connected to Orange, and will be offered support to participate in Phase 2 and materialize their ideas on video. They will be invited to the opening of the 'Dare to France' at the Grand Palais on December 4.

The competition does not stop here: as of November 7, start-ups and companies with a concept or product that combines connected objects and / or data as well as the winners of Phase 1 who wish are invited to submit data and an explanatory video of their project online. This is the phase 2 with a € 40k dotation prize!

Then, during December, some participants in Phase 2, including those who have won awards will be invited to develop a prototype of their service. It is in Phase 3.

We'll unveil more in the course of the challengeThus, examples of data from different fields (flow and traffic, uses in the city, uses at home - cooking, heating-, weather, health) will be available to participants.

So sign up now and share your ideas, Orange and its partners can help you bring to life.