Interview with Josiane Ludon, contributor from Martinique to challenge Datavenue

The train without routine

Josiane Ludon is one of 13 winners of the ideas contest, Datavenue challenge. We had the pleasure to give her Le Bloc in real life.

A few days after the announcement of the winners, we wanted to know more ...


How many suggestions did you introduce on the site? :

JL: I submitted an idea and so it has been awarded. It is to allow trains users to identify the places they pass through; through a display panel (or tablet) installed in the cars.

Have you refined your concept according to customer reviews?
JL: I digged in a little indeed. I imagine a digital panel which, thanks to GPS, drops location information as the train passes through.

I recommend to place it just above interior doors cars to be visible to all. It would be like a ticker, indicating the name of the crossing campaign, that of the nearest town, and, why not, local specificities ...

In the car-restaurant-bar, we could have an interactive screen with clickable links leading to different regions crossed to refine discovery. In addition to the informative aspect, it certainly would develop the economy of these places.

How did you get the idea? Do you often take the train?

JL: I live in Martinique (Josiane is Regional Director at Orange, Regional Department of Martinique) and I've been thinking of this idea for a long time without being able to offer it.

Yes, I travel by train rather like a tourist! So in roaming situation with my phone, it's uneasy for the data.

Often I am amazed by the landscape I discover: lakes, monasteries, monuments, bridges, structures, sumptuous landscapes ... And all this without being able to accurately indicate their name or name the locality ! It would be really interesting to remedy. The solution I suggest is half playful, half informative.