Challenge Datavenue on 300 ideas related to connected objects

The first phase of Datavenue challenge consisted of a call for ideas on Imagine with Orange on connected devices and their data. It ended on November 10 and was a great success: Internet users have shared more than 300 ideas for innovative services.


Here are the areas in which the creativity of contributors is exercised ...

1) More than 129 ideas: welfare at home, cooking, friendliness, domestic companions

Facilitate cooking and shopping

     shelves connected to manage its product inventory (food, hygiene ...) and prepare a shopping list
     the fridge that makes shopping, offers recipes and balanced menus depending on what it contains
     an object connected / scan to fridge to detect the entry and exit of goods, coupled with an app.

Driving home

     a water meter connected. Leaks and stopped. More water damage, my premiums decreases
     connected doors that let you know who is at home, which is retracted or extended in your absence
     smarter water my garden, depending on humidity sensors alerts and weather forecast
     check if windows and doors are closed by lying down at night.

Reinvent everyday objects

     Geodio: the system that allows the music broadcast to follow you from room to room
     an attached mirror that advises you on your outfits by offering associations with your wardrobe
     the connected mirror wish you a good day and gives you the weather for you to be always well dressed.
     pen connected to have a digital copy of what is written by hand.
     using temperature sensors fixed in the pitchers was decanted to be notified of good wine temperature
     glass / screen connected on which appears the weather, temperature, ... in real time.

Connect Family

     a connected briefcase that checks the content according to the schedule
     an app that manages the stock of medicines for family pharmacy y / c the expiry dates y / c prescription
     a bottle connected to monitor the food rhythm of her child and anticipate preparing baby bottles
     a box home automation / health for the elderly run by the voice.

Connect my objects

     recycle your old smartphone controller IoT: Bluetooth speaker, Cloud, intelligent lighting, monitoring
     create an online platform to make your own custom tags to connect its own objects
     programmable stickers for different shared equipment that allows to know where they are to borrow.


2) More than 68 ideas lesTransports, Energy City "


     my bike connected, as smart as a car connected! - Place chips on bikes connected to smartphones via app to locate and recover in the event of loss or theft
     a ring or NFC jewel in editable content. Containing its public transport subscription or information of their choice.
     communicating signs to not miss the most and avoid fines.
     automatically adjust the vehicle speed limiter as soon as we meet a speed limit sign
     an app that out in the train or plane, allows me to share my car or take a taxi with other travelers
     allowing passengers to board trains to identify the places they pass through a panel installed in the cars
     an application that tells me a transport joint occupancy estimation based on data Orange.


Live better city

     limit contagious diseases by matching the movement information, health and weather data!
     street lights that light up when necessary to reduce light pollution and save money
     STOP THAT NOISE! Measure the ambient noise pollution, and create together an interactive map of noise.
     TopSpot: thanks to the displacement data, I determine the best places to set up an information panel.


3) More than 20 ideas: My form, quantifiedself, health, personal

     and if a doctor could give you a diagnosis and a prescription without you move you
     Belly band with sensors to monitor a remote pregnancy.
     eHealthRecord or how to have his health records in the cloud, always at hand.
     a necklace to measure exposure to noise and prevent dangerous if exposure to the hearing.
     mini-sensor wearable pollution
   an object connected to measure my level of exposure to electromagnetic waves. For example my
connected smartphone.
   ParcoursSanté: follow my treatment from beginning to end with my smartphone and tablet container connected
     for the safety of women: hair barrette connected. A click on your head sends your location
     a pair of swimming goggles connected to transmit real-time data.


4) More than 15 ideas Shopping, Restaurants

     shopaholic, you'll love spending! Indicating an app specials
     a restaurant table connected to order and pay for its consumption from its smartphone
     shopping faster and more fun paying by scanning with the smartphone.


5) More than 15 ideas on welfare to work support

     at work, I watch my decibels
     pamper yourself at work, too stressed / tight, poorly seated, sedentary, KeepCool is for you!
     Kfette Roulette: an invitation to eat with strangers but colleagues who have the same passions as me
     and if you're alerted when you are tired, overworked or stressed, and they offer you the miracle cure
     work, it spends a lot of time. How about a subject to help us separate "work" and "the rest"
     OptimSite: thanks to the displacement data, optimize the choice of the new website of your company.