Interview with Cyril Larose contributor emeritus Datavenue challenge!

Cyril Larose architect services innovantspour Orange, in the "Video and Image Anticipation" pole. He proposed 17 ideas connected to the challenge Datavenue objects. We wanted to know more ...

What projects are you working on?

On topics related to Orange TV. It is early projects that explore new services with a goal of achieving the horizon 18 months / two years.

What was your inspiration for the 17 suggestions that you made?

My personal experience, even if some subjects are related to my professional life everyday. For example regarding the safe evacuation of a company, the less paper, to ensure that people meet at work ...
You also filed almost 80 comments on the site!

Yes, of course the big question for all the contributors to the challenge is: "Is it my idea is original," with underlying question: "Is it feasible?" Via the comments left on my suggestions, I'm progressing. So I naturally wanted to also enrich the thinking and ideas of others.

What do you think of the challenge Datavenue?

This initiative enables to deposit ideas by means other than the regular channels on topics that are not my heart business. Their enrichment of people and external partners is a great "plus".
In all your suggestions, there are you it that you take to heart?

Yes, including the following ...

The final word?

I hope one of my ideas will continue in Phase 2! Especially on shopping and wellness company; there were no so many proposals that.